So things have taken a turn for the scientific during this week's episode. We talk about string theory, perception as reality, frequencies, and also a...View Details

Things get down right existential on this week's episode because thanks to our Patron Jacob we're talking about the afterlife! Come listen as we strin...View Details

It's our 100th episode so sit back and relax because it's a laid back kind of episode as we answer questions from our Patrons. Discover the origins of...View Details

Those Walking Suns are setting as we conclude our journey into the weird west on this week's episode. We discuss Bone Tomahawk, sentient Shadow, gods ...View Details

This week we've got C.R. Rowenson back with us to help build his worldbuilding prompt! In a weird west world where walking suns are unearthed by greed...View Details

This episode's got a giant curse magnet and a steampunk brain in a jar as we give y'all a preview of things to come after our hundredth episode! We wa...View Details

We really hope you enjoy exploring alternate histories because this week's episode is absolutely packed to the rafters with it! We explore history fra...View Details

A new setting prompt has us exploring alternate timelines on an Earth where 90% of the population have super powers in our first ever Super setting! W...View Details

This week, we continue to talk shit about how much better Digimon is as a franchise compared to Pokemon in our patron prompt in the Land of a Thousand...View Details

A patron prompt has us exploring the kids with monster friends sub-genre, so grab your legally distinct pokeballs, your digivices, and yes, even your ...View Details

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