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What's this? MORE worldbuilding jams?! That's right, folks—and this time, we're joined by special guest Ian from Undercommon Taste for two new random ...View Details

This week, we wrap up our time in the glowing metropolis with horrifying arthropods, legally distinct laser sword sound effects, and copious amounts o...View Details

Join us as we delve into a glowing city protected by a benevolent sun goddess, whose worshippers offer tithes in the form of blood. Arachnophobes bewa...View Details

Get ready to roll some dice and jam on this week's episode. The fates have us exploring Weird Fantasy setting with reality wrap magicks and an investi...View Details

So things have taken a turn for the scientific during this week's episode. We talk about string theory, perception as reality, frequencies, and also a...View Details

Things get down right existential on this week's episode because thanks to our Patron Jacob we're talking about the afterlife! Come listen as we strin...View Details

You've glimpsed beyond the veil of this reality to uncover the truth. You've done unspeakable things to get this far. You had a family, you think. The...View Details

Can you hear them? The whispers that urge you ever forward, towards magic, the truth. Join us in our first ever Patron-Picked episode where we discuss...View Details

In this episode, we head north into the frozen wastes to uncover the mysteries surrounding the God Beyond the Portal. We discuss the cults, doppelgang...View Details

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