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This week, we break out the random dice rolls to whip up a trio of mini settings, so get ready to sample some tasty worldbuilding jams! With Daniel aw...View Details

Take flight with maverick pilots, ride on the backs of roaming gardens, give a friend a call on the global aphid network, and more in this exciting co...View Details

Grab a glass of refreshing sentience-boosting aphid milk and join us for some insect-sized action-adventure courtesy of a prompt from patron Lord of A...View Details

In our last regular episode of 2020 we conclude our dark descent into a world without sunlight by somehow adding aliens to the mix. And y'all... I'm g...View Details

Another listener email has us exploring the geodesic domes of a world with no sunlight, where vampiric aristocrats rule with nano-enhanced fists. Chri...View Details

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