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We've got big boomer energy with references to Cheers and OG Star Trek in this episode. But it's still cool we swear!   Do you have a worldbuilding pr...View Details

Imagine travelling for thousands of lightyears only to have the package come back due to bad postage. Thanks to Commissar Whiskers for the great promp...View Details

We're honored today to have the crew from the Future Diaries podcast join us on this week's episode! We sit down to talk science-fiction, climate chan...View Details

I bet making sunglasses for different animals became so much easier once they became implants. Also you should go check out the Tim Rogers review of C...View Details

It's back! Thanks to a prompt from our Patron Jay we're revisiting the Land of a Thousand Flavors but flung a thousand years into the future. Welcome,...View Details

Y'all know how much we love the spooky season around here so join us as we roll some dice and craft three spine-tingling scenarios! We've got MLM Were...View Details

We sit down with David Somerville and Justin Alexander to discuss their newest Kickstarter: Planegea! Discover a world of raw action, primordial horro...View Details

It finally happened. I regret nothing.    Do you have a worldbuilding prompt you want to send to us?Email us your suggestions at: WorldbuildWithUs@gma...View Details

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