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Patron Jay asked us for more media recommendations for this month's patron-exclusive Aphid Lounge episode, and we're more than happy to deliver with T...View Details

This month's patron-exclusive episode brings us back to the realm of hot (or lukewarm) takes on popular media! Daniel presents his doctoral thesis on ...View Details

Our latest patron-exclusive episode has us focusing on urban planning and the tools that can help you build fleshed-out cities!You can unlock this epi...View Details

Please enjoy this extra chunky episode where we discuss alignment, philosophy, and ethics.  It's more fun than it sounds we swear!You can unlock this ...View Details

This month's patron-only episode comes to us from Patron Gluax and things get really meta. You can unlock this episode by joining our Patreon here: ht...View Details

Here's another preview of our monthly Patron only episode. If you want to hear us talk about our hottest takes on movies, books, and television then c...View Details

We just launched our very first Patron-Only episode over on Patreon! Thank you so much to all our Patrons who can make this show happen. If you're fee...View Details

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