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This week, steampunk, solarpunk, and breadpunk simmer in a love story across time with dollops of cryptids and elves, all served on a bed of clockwork...View Details

This week, we finish up our aquatic solarpunk planet with geneti-psychologists facing off against errors in the code. Listen in to hear more about psy...View Details

Life comes from the ocean...UNTIL IT DOESN'T. A solarpunk prompt from patron Commissar Whiskers has us cancelling the apocalypse by plucking the fruit...View Details

This episode, we wrap up our newly-colonized alien planet with more tales of ✨Fascism for Her✨, now with bonus solarpunk puppies!   Do you have a worl...View Details

Come dive into a nostalgic romp where a Patron Prompt has us exploring the old AOL chats of Rhydin! Listen as fanfiction nearly tears Rob and Daniel a...View Details

In our last regular episode of 2020 we conclude our dark descent into a world without sunlight by somehow adding aliens to the mix. And y'all... I'm g...View Details

Another listener email has us exploring the geodesic domes of a world with no sunlight, where vampiric aristocrats rule with nano-enhanced fists. Chri...View Details

We did it! We managed to get through an entire series without going dark once! Join us in our Solarpunk finale as we explore different ways to tell st...View Details

We continue our journey into our Solarpunk setting in this week's episode as we uncover the factions, technology, and conflicts in the Land of a Thous...View Details

An amazing listener email from Jason sets us off exploring a bright and hopeful future in the Land of a Thousand Pots. In this week's episode, we crea...View Details

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