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In this episode, we're wrapping up our chaotic crossover world by sampling foods of the living and dead, dabbling in spirit magic, and weaving what's ...View Details

This week, worldbuilding gets messy as patron Jay challenges us to combine some of our previous settings into a new one.   Do you have a worldbuilding...View Details

At long last, we're returning to this setting of omnipresent time beings on fractured worlds! Things go slightly off the rails as we look for love and...View Details

What's this? MORE worldbuilding jams?! That's right, folks—and this time, we're joined by special guest Ian from Undercommon Taste for two new random ...View Details

This week, we're diverting from our current prompt for a casual worldbuilding jam, where we roll dice and wrack our brains to develop two fantastical ...View Details

In this series, patron Lord of All Chrises has us attempting to bypass our linear human perceptions in order to create beings that experience time all...View Details

In space, no one can hear you scream...except for whatever lurks in the wormholes. This week, we're exploring horror in the form of interstellar trave...View Details

This episode, we give a hearty welcome to Spooktober with an endless conflict fueled by necromancers and their resurrected soldiers, which for some my...View Details

This week, steampunk, solarpunk, and breadpunk simmer in a love story across time with dollops of cryptids and elves, all served on a bed of clockwork...View Details

We wrap up this AI-heavy series with everything from body swaps and brain reboots to parkour speedruns and quantum canyons! (All hail Lich King Daniel...View Details

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