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It's our 100th episode so sit back and relax because it's a laid back kind of episode as we answer questions from our Patrons. Discover the origins of...View Details

In our first episode of the new year we take some time to revisit some of our favorite settings from 2020! Get ready to go back to the Lands filled wi...View Details

In this week's episode, a listener email from Daniel (No not that one) prompts some discussion about how technology functions in fictional settings. W...View Details

In this week's episode, we finish our jaunt in Cyberpunk by offering up a myriad of stories to tell set in the Land of a Thousand Mods. We jump around...View Details

Hey, you know what? It's almost Christmas and we all deserve a break sometimes right? Well, that's how we felt when we sat down and recorded our newes...View Details

In this very special episode of Worldbuild With Us, we offer a quick and easy way into The Land of a Thousand Gods with this recap episode. We take th...View Details

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