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You're about to enter a world of rust storms, raging seas, and floating fortresses. Welcome to the land of a thousand battleships. Do you have a world...View Details

Blame Courtney for such a short episode. I'm still mad.  Do you have a worldbuilding prompt you want to send to us? Send us your prompt!Email us your ...View Details

We really hope you like Viking-style raiders who ride gliders shot from a nuclear powered carnival ride because this episode is packed to the rafters ...View Details

On this weeks episode a prompt from listener Kaiser has us exploring a post-apocalyptic landscape where the last vestiges of humanity huddle together ...View Details

In our last regular episode of 2020 we conclude our dark descent into a world without sunlight by somehow adding aliens to the mix. And y'all... I'm g...View Details

Another listener email has us exploring the geodesic domes of a world with no sunlight, where vampiric aristocrats rule with nano-enhanced fists. Chri...View Details

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