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Boot up your Wanzers, strap into your Armored Cores, and gently lower yourself into your Orbital Frames, because our new series is all about MECHA! Jo...View Details

We continue our journey into our Solarpunk setting in this week's episode as we uncover the factions, technology, and conflicts in the Land of a Thous...View Details

In this week's episode, a listener email from Daniel (No not that one) prompts some discussion about how technology functions in fictional settings. W...View Details

We're back this week with our very first special guest on the podcast with Sci-Fi author Daniel Quinn! Daniel brings his genre expertise to the podcas...View Details

Episode 7: Godpact Magic

It's time to open your spellbooks and gather your component couch because this episode of Worldbuild With Us is all about Magic. Rob and Chris talk al...View Details

It's all about technology in this episode of Worldbuild With Us as Rob and Chris make the case for the types of technology that fits best within the w...View Details

In this groundbreaking episode of Worldbuild With Us Rob and Chris build a city venerating the god of Engineering. Bas Lag and China Mieville get yet ...View Details

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