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"That's horrible. I love it." And so we bid farewell to our last spooky October setting, again joined by Ian from Undercommon Taste for a gruesome, bl...View Details

Rob breaks out his gothic d12 as we descend into spooky jam chaos for our second patron-exclusive Aphid Lounge episode of October. Join us for two ter...View Details

When the lines are so blurred, how will you know when you've crossed them to the point of no return? This series, we're joined by guest Ian from the U...View Details

In an extra-spooky patron-exclusive Aphid Lounge episode, we sit down to discuss horror: What is it, at its roots? What media handles it well? And how...View Details

In space, no one can hear you scream...except for whatever lurks in the wormholes. This week, we're exploring horror in the form of interstellar trave...View Details

This episode, we give a hearty welcome to Spooktober with an endless conflict fueled by necromancers and their resurrected soldiers, which for some my...View Details

When a prompt gives you sacrificial lemons, you've gotta make blood sacrifice lemonade.   Do you have a worldbuilding prompt you want to send to us? S...View Details

A prompt from patron Gluax sends us to a post-apocalyptic wasteland of horror, hubris, and just a touch of hope.   Explore the Son Doong Cave at https...View Details

Join us this week as we reflect on some of our favorite settings of 2021. We're talking Battle Trains, Bleak Babies, and Carmen SanDiego!   Do you hav...View Details

Y'all know how much we love the spooky season around here so join us as we roll some dice and craft three spine-tingling scenarios! We've got MLM Were...View Details

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