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Priest-rebels and anarcho-spiritualists team up to embark on a high-stakes heist as we finish off this Meiji-influenced world with a twisty family tre...View Details

A prompt from patron DiploRaptor has us dealing with roving mecha, spiritual channelers, and a slew of messy worldbuilding disagreements in this Meiji...View Details

This week, steampunk, solarpunk, and breadpunk simmer in a love story across time with dollops of cryptids and elves, all served on a bed of clockwork...View Details

This week, we break out the random dice rolls to whip up a trio of mini settings, so get ready to sample some tasty worldbuilding jams! With Daniel aw...View Details

We're wrapping up our Starborn setting with adorable plant people, coming-of-age stories, and tangents galore. What the hell are midichlorians, anyway...View Details

This week, a prompt from a new listener brings us to a flat disk-like earth centered around a rising and falling sun (which is definitely not a kangar...View Details

When a prompt gives you sacrificial lemons, you've gotta make blood sacrifice lemonade.   Do you have a worldbuilding prompt you want to send to us? S...View Details

A prompt from patron Gluax sends us to a post-apocalyptic wasteland of horror, hubris, and just a touch of hope.   Explore the Son Doong Cave at https...View Details

🔔 Bring out your dead! 🔔 We're wrapping up this aeronaut setting with a whole lot of bones.   Check out Clark at   Do you have ...View Details

A new listener prompt takes us to the skies with hot air balloon adventures, liquid hot magma, and buoyancy equations. What more could you possibly as...View Details

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