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We will need a lot more hemp before we're through...   Do you have a worldbuilding prompt you want to send to us? Send us your prompt! Email us your s...View Details

We've got big boomer energy with references to Cheers and OG Star Trek in this episode. But it's still cool we swear!   Do you have a worldbuilding pr...View Details

Imagine travelling for thousands of lightyears only to have the package come back due to bad postage. Thanks to Commissar Whiskers for the great promp...View Details

We're honored today to have the crew from the Future Diaries podcast join us on this week's episode! We sit down to talk science-fiction, climate chan...View Details

I bet making sunglasses for different animals became so much easier once they became implants. Also you should go check out the Tim Rogers review of C...View Details

We conclude our tournament arc this week by introducing some fighters into the roster as well as exploring some of the political maneuverings that hap...View Details

MORTAL KOMBAAAT! Do you have a worldbuilding prompt you want to send to us? Send us your prompt!Email us your suggestions at: WorldbuildWithUs@gmail.c...View Details

Try not to sink as you join us join us on our very special carnival cruise ships as we conclude our time in the land of a thousand battleships.  Do yo...View Details

You're about to enter a world of rust storms, raging seas, and floating fortresses. Welcome to the land of a thousand battleships. Do you have a world...View Details

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