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We're wrapping up our Starborn setting with adorable plant people, coming-of-age stories, and tangents galore. What the hell are midichlorians, anyway...View Details

This week, a prompt from a new listener brings us to a flat disk-like earth centered around a rising and falling sun (which is definitely not a kangar...View Details

When a prompt gives you sacrificial lemons, you've gotta make blood sacrifice lemonade.   Do you have a worldbuilding prompt you want to send to us? S...View Details

A prompt from patron Gluax sends us to a post-apocalyptic wasteland of horror, hubris, and just a touch of hope.   Explore the Son Doong Cave at https...View Details

🔔 Bring out your dead! 🔔 We're wrapping up this aeronaut setting with a whole lot of bones.   Check out Clark at   Do you have ...View Details

A new listener prompt takes us to the skies with hot air balloon adventures, liquid hot magma, and buoyancy equations. What more could you possibly as...View Details

This week we're honored to chat with author and game designer Lizzie Stark (Leaving Mundania, Pandora's DNA) and game designer Jason Morningstar (Fias...View Details

Flying Squirrels, Daniel breaks the rules, and the Beast That Plucks the Life From Your Chest.Check out Clark here!   Do you ha...View Details

Better start climbing...Check out Clark here! Do you have a worldbuilding prompt you want to send to us? Send us your prompt! E...View Details

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars Do y...View Details

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