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This week, we supplement our Norse chaos replication nightmare island with dashes of movies, mythology, monsters, and even some comedy(?!).   Do you h...View Details

Join us on a sci-fantasy journey into a lost world shrouded in psychic storms, traversed only by the bravest of heroes in flying longships. What techn...View Details

In this week's episode of Worldbuild With Us, we give a grand sendoff to our persistent setting for the last 30+ episodes. But we couldn't let such a ...View Details

In this episode, we head north into the frozen wastes to uncover the mysteries surrounding the God Beyond the Portal. We discuss the cults, doppelgang...View Details

Our much-anticipated episode about the wilds is finally here! Daniel Quinn is back as a special guest as we talk barbarians, pirates, monsters, and th...View Details

Welcome to the multi-verse! In today's episode, Rob and Chris talk about all things planar and cosmological in the land of a thousand gods. Eschewing ...View Details

Are you threatening me? No, it's just a podcast about the threats in the Land of a Thousand Gods! More than just mere villains, Rob and Chris break do...View Details

In the second episode of Worldbuild With Us it's the God thunderdome. Two gods enter one god leaves, except this time it's due to a ritual known as th...View Details

In the very first episode of Worldbuild With Us, Chris and Rob begin creating a new fantasy world from scratch! We talk all sorts of (fire) gods, what...View Details

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